Designed by a Caterer, For Caterers

The Problem – Keeping Food Warm

Faced with the frustration of keeping food warm outdoors, caterers Lois and Joseph Leonard decided that there had to be some way to deal with this problem. They hated the look of foil. Besides being unsightly and hard to manage, the heat still escaped, not to mention the expense.

They set out to find some type of device or solution which would remedy this problem. Unfortunately, they found that there was nothing on the market which was safe, lightweight, or convenient. Undeterred that a solution did not exist, they decided to create one.

The Solution – The WindBlocker

Collectively, they worked diligently, testing different designs and materials to create the ultimate chafer. Their list of product “must-haves,” although not overly extensive, was not going to be compromised. The chafing stand had to be extremely lightweight, very strong, washable, durable, easy/fast to assemble, space saving, and most importantly, able to withstand virtually any wind condition. The WindBlocker chafer accomplishes all of the above. Most impressively, it was subjected to a wind test where the winds were in excess of 70 miles per hour (yes, Joe actually put it in the back of his truck and drove down the interstate to see what it could withstand). Upon returning, he discovered that the fuel cells were still lit (Please don’t try this yourself; take our word for it!).

Although the unit is ideal for outdoor use, its functionality indoors is without parallel. Besides not having an open flame (no risk of burns for curious little ones), one fuel cell usually produces more heat than two cells in a traditional chafer. They can be easily decorated to accommodate any theme – weddings, graduations, anniversaries, tailgating, corporate functions, or virtually any event.

About Lois & Joe

They are the owners of the famed Four Seasons Banquet House, which sits on 13 beautiful acres in Pittsburgh, PA. The have more than 22 years of experience doing indoor and outdoor events, which includes everything from formal weddings to casual picnics. They are comfortable hosting events that range from 100 to 700 guests. Event/meal planning, food prep, cooking, and serving – they love every moment.

Lois says, “The WindBlocker has made catering ‘hot food’ so much easier. We can set-up faster and rest assured knowing that the food is going to stay warm throughout the entire event. It is always rewarding when the guests compliment you, not only on the quality/taste of the food but, also how hot it is. It is nice to know that after hours of preparation, the food will still be warm until the last guest leaves.”