4 Tips For Making Your St. Patty’s Party Stand Out

Feeling lucky? That makes sense, because St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! If you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day party, you might be wondering what you should serve and how you should decorate. Sure, corned beef and green shamrock cutouts might be standard, but if you want to shake things up, there…read more

3 Food Bar Ideas for Your Next Event

An increasingly popular trend in catering is self-serve food bars. This phenomenon is attractive for a couple of different reasons – not only is it an interesting and unique twist on catered events, it also allows guests a level of flexibility that cannot be offered in conventional catering. On top of that, it affords guests…read more

Tips For Coping With The Catering Off-Season

Your catering business is likely very busy right now with coordinating impending holiday events, but soon, the holidays will come and go and the off-season will set in. During the slow months, many caterers struggle to find business and may see a significant decrease in their profits. However, if you are proactive about it, you…read more